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ManagedCloud Services

Cloud technology has transformed data storage and access, shaping the future of IT, data management, and application development, thus revolutionizing the way businesses function.

Many businesses are opting for Managed Cloud Services to streamline their IT Infrastructure and enhance scalability. However, managing Cloud Infrastructure is not a core competency for many enterprises.

As a result, optimizing the necessary resources and costs can be challenging. This can make it difficult for organizations to fully leverage the benefits of the Cloud ecosystem and stay competitive in the market. 

Sonata Managed Cloud Services offers businesses a comprehensive solution, providing expert management and support to ensure the availability and performance of your Cloud Infrastructure and Applications.

Our Optimization and Evergreening frameworks enable customers to optimize cost and performance while significantly reducing the time to market. Sonata provides the following services as part of our Managed Cloud Services offering: 

Managed Cloud Operations:

Agility and efficiency for Cloud Operations.

Managed Optimization:

Cost-effective and higher ROI for your investments.

Managed Evergreening:

Cloud ahead with adoption excellence.

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Availability & capacity management of Cloud Infrastructure & workloads

Monitoring of Cloud Infrastructure & workloads

Landing zone services

SecOps and Governance

BCP & DR management

ITIL-based processes for SLA and KPI management

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Optimized Cloud spending through FinOps

Process & service automation

Cloud-native service adoption

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Best practice implementation

Tech update review & proactive recommendations

Architecture drift

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Sonata Advantage

Experience with Fortune 500, and 2000 clients

Experience with enterprises of all scales

Certified competencies

Service delivery certification

Automation, Optimization mindset

CCOE approach

Flexible models to meet customer needs

Partnerships & Relationships with multiple vendors

Support customer requirements with Data, AI/ML and , Platform engineering

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In recognition of our expertise in providing world-class solutions on Microsoft Azure.

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