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Connected Platforms for Agri Ecosystem

Changing technologies have transformed how agricultural products are bought and sold, with increased digital touchpoints at every point of the supply chain. Old boundaries are changing, and information portals and platforms for sharing data are helping to create new ecosystems, which promise: predictable supply; risk management; accurate forecasting; reporting on compliance and sustainability targets; and opportunities to diversify and grow. Connected Agri helps manufacturers reimagine their business model as a connected, sustainable, digital ecosystem.

We have been helping Agri-manufacturers unlock value for more than 20 years by giving them visibility and certainty in the performance of their vertically integrated Agri-commodity business.

Sonata has a unique offering for agricultural manufacturing companies that have close relationships with growers and farmers to enable a data-driven, predictive, and sustainable farm-to-fork supply chain. We enable this through a set of connected platforms.



Unlock Value with Connected Agri

Enabling your Vertically Integrated Agribusiness with Visibility, Certainty, and Sustainability to unlock Value


Provides Certainty across your planning and allocation process and improves efficiency and control for manufacturing, supply chain, and financial visibility at every stage of the process.



Enables visibility across Farm operations, Managing contracts with growers/suppliers, logistics & storage, inventory positions, processing, distribution & sales



Unifies the supply chain to deliver sustainable outcomes across the food & the agricultural value chain to create a future in which farmers, businesses, and nature thrive 

Agribusiness Transformation Services

A 360-degree perspective

If you can respond swiftly and effectively to supply chain data, your agribusiness will prosper. To accomplish this, you must examine the past, present, and future when analyzing the environment. Sonata Software offers a full-service partnership to agribusinesses, investigating value-added platform solutions for agricultural commodity growers, traders, and manufacturers.

Smart Farming and Grower Engagement


Smart Farming and Grower Engagement

  • Yield management
  • Crop input optimization
  • Soil nutrient tracking
  • Farm health indices
  • Growth stage tracking
  • Weather forecast

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Predictive and Sustainable Supply Chain


Predictive and Sustainable Supply Chain

  • Farm productivity & sustainable outcomes
  • Farming environment control
  • Water & resource usage
  • Carbon inventorization
  • Supply chain traceability
  • Compliance tracking

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Vertically Integrated Commodity and Operations Transformation


Vertically Integrated Commodity and Operations Transformation

  • Commodity contract management
  • Pricing & Quality
  • Risk management Inventory positions & logistics
  • Futures Hedging & Forex
  • Logistics planning and Production planning
  • Demand forecasting

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Connected Agri Data and Insights


Connected Agri Data and Insights

  • 360 Degree view of Farm, Crop, Produce, Inventory, Sales, and Customer
  • Data-led demand forecasting
  • Crop predictions

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Sell-Side Supply Chain Transformation


Sell-Side Supply Chain Transformation

  • Dealer/Distribution management
  • Intelligent order management
  • Smart warehousing
  • Demand forecasting
  • Connected commerce

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Platform Modernization and Agri Industry Cloud


Platform Modernization and Agri Industry Cloud

  • Legacy platform modernization
  • Cloud migration

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The Sonata Advantage


20+ years of experience with Agri manufacturers in their digital transformation journey

Track Record

Success Stories with the referenceable clients in subsegments such as Farmers co-operatives, Feeds & Nutrition, Food Processing, and Grains & Oil Seeds

Industry-led IPs

Built IPs and accelerators specific to the Agri Manufacturing industry


Agri sector is one of the contributors to Sonata's growth, which attracts substantial executive sponsorship


Sonata, one of the top three global system integrators, is Microsoft's Agri innovation partner. Early adopters of the Agribusiness cloud, the Sustainability cloud, and toolsets

Industry Focus

Farmers Co-operatives

Connected Agri helps in enhancing customer service by providing crop and field insights. You get complete visibility on contracts, logistics, inventory positions, and sales. Gain accurate forecasting of supply and demand through data from your ecosystem while keeping track of your supply chain and conformance to regulatory requirements. Monitor and manage sustainability goals and objectives.


Feeds & Nutrition Producers

The supply and demand forecasts are enhanced based on commodity availability, inventory holdings, and customer demand. You can access orders, delivery status, and industry insights, and gain better predictions from integrated Lab, MES, and ERP solutions. This helps improve the customer experience and manage your goals and objectives for sustainability.


Food Prcocessors

Maximize production capacity through integrated demand and supply forecasting and scheduling and build a robust supply chain with traceability from origin to final consumer destination with Connected Agri. It enables direct, wholesale via distributors, and retail solutions, all part of a connected platform approach. We help you to integrate both B2B and B2C under one platform, along with the integration of Lab, MES, recipe solutions, etc. for predictive analytics.


Grains & Oil Seed Traders

Get visibility of contracted commodities for both buyer and seller sides and expand smart farming services to farmers for better yield management through Connected Agri. The integration of lab systems provides quality analysis and visibility for inventory holdings to be used in the final pricing of deliveries. It provides insights for predictive analysis of industry trends, requirements for the next harvest, and a 360-degree view of suppliers, customers, inventory, logistics, and commodities.


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How Connected Equipment empowers Agri-Businesses with Certainty and Visibility?

The new agri-cloud promises enormous opportunity for the whole agri-food ecosystem, where there are close links between growers and farmers, manufacturers and distributors. These interconnected players are finely tuned to changes in farm management and grower services, commodities markets, and supply chain complexities.

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