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Microsoft Fabric


Organizations struggle to deliver accurate data to the business efficiently, cost-effectively, and within deadlines. The limitations of data infrastructure and foundation create challenges for IT in ensuring data availability, discoverability, relevance, and traceability.

IT and business face hurdles in fostering a data-driven culture for enhanced business agility, customer insights, and employee experiences:

  • Business requests for data, insights, and analytics experience delays.
  • Manual efforts are required to reconcile data across applications and data estates.
  • Disconnected data estates hinder the ability to provide valuable insights for business agility, seamless customer experiences, and improved employee satisfaction.
  • Scaling and meeting data expectations in the current data estate (infrastructure and foundation) incurs significant time and cost for data integration, engineering, and quality.
  • Managing data platforms across hyperscalers and on-premises environments at scale and with optimal efficiency poses challenges.
Analysts Speak

Establishing a decentralized, multi-stakeholder, real-time, and high-quality data foundation poses a significant challenge. Managing data governance on a large scale is particularly challenging. The complexity is further amplified in multi-cloud and multi-premise environments. Having sufficient in-house expertise and skills is crucial to address these challenges effectively.

According to senior IT and business leaders, the capability to seamlessly integrate data from diverse sources is of utmost importance to the success of their organization's operations.

Microsoft Fabric and Sonata address crucial challenges related to data foundation and analytics that are critical for businesses. Microsoft Fabric alleviates the challenges associated with data ecosystems and enhances agility in understanding and driving insight-driven behaviors in business processes. It also plays a vital role in improving customer experience. Microsoft Fabric, also known as "OneLake and One Analytics Platform," is a comprehensive end-to-end analytics solution. It caters to all aspects of an organization's analytics requirements, providing a unified and collaborative experience. This is achieved regardless of the data location, ensuring seamless integration and collaboration throughout the analytics process.


Autonomous Data Suite on Fabric


Self Funded Model

Fabric Advantage - Reduced Licensing Cost, Data and Compute Optimization and Engineering Productivity. 

Sonata Advantage – Insights Driven Engineering Model, Industry data model driven Platform Foundation, Automated Data, and Pipelines Migrations.


Self Governing Pipelines

Fabric Advantage - Automatically Catalog, Secure, and Govern Information, End to End monitoring capability.

Sonata Advantage – NLP Driven Industry Catalog, Pre-mapping with SAAS systems/Industry data model, Self Healing Data Operations suite.


Self Service Analytics

Fabric Advantage – Onelake for Single Source of Truth connected with Microsoft 365.

Sonata Advantage – Domain Data Mesh for Self-Service Analytics Driven by Industry Models.


Why Microsoft Fabric

Fabric is a comprehensive and integrated analytics platform that consolidates various data and analytics tools required by organizations. By combining Azure Data Factory, Azure Synapse Analytics, and Power BI, Fabric provides a unified solution that empowers both data and business professionals to unleash the true value of their data and establish the groundwork for the AI-driven era.

A cohesive data foundation through OneLake ensures all data is unified and easily accessible. It facilitates pervasive governance and security measures to safeguard data privacy and integrity. With seamless integration capabilities across diverse data sources, Fabric enables smooth data flow and collaboration.

Moreover, Fabric facilitates the infusion of intelligence in a secure manner, directly within the working environments of individuals. This fosters AI-powered experiences, such as Copilot, that enhance productivity and decision-making processes.

Next-generation Data Foundation Platform modernization

Transform Data Security and Pervasive Governance

Modernize your data estate into Unified Data Foundation with OneLake

Enhance Integration Efficiency and Elevate Employee Experience

Automate Business Processes and Enhance Customer Experience

Accelerate with Microsoft Fabric and 300+ Sonata Fabric experts

To find out more, please visit the Microsoft Fabric page and check out their blog



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Assessment to Adopt Fabric faster

​This service guides customers in modernizing their data foundation and infrastructure systems to meet business requirements more efficiently and cost-effectively. The assessment involves analyzing the current data foundation and associated infrastructure, developing a targeted architecture, and creating a roadmap for implementing the desired architecture using Microsoft Fabric technology.

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Fabric adoption for modern Data Estate foundation

​This service facilitates the establishment of a modern data foundation based on Microsoft Fabric, enabling businesses to achieve faster business insights while minimizing operating costs. By adopting Fabric, organizations can enhance the customer experience and improve employee satisfaction, ultimately driving business success.

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Fabric Adoption for Distributed and disconnected Data estates​

This service implements a modern data estate based on Microsoft Fabric, which seamlessly connects and distributes data to empower businesses in gaining faster business insights while optimizing operational costs. By embracing this solution, organizations can enhance both customer and employee experiences, driving improved outcomes.

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Industry Analytics with Fabric​

​Through this service, Microsoft Fabric is utilized to provide tailored data sets for various industry use cases. This empowers business functions to make informed decisions, embed intelligence into customer acquisition and engagement processes, and enable employees to streamline business operations with optimized operational costs.

Value Proposition


Customer-Centered Approach:

Sonata prioritizes customer alignment through their Customer Center of Excellence (CCOE) model, tailoring services to meet specific needs and goals.


Commitment to Continuous Learning and Modernization:

Sonata remains dedicated to continuous learning and modernization, providing the latest and most effective solutions.


Leveraging Partner Technology and Modernization Expertise:

Sonata leverages partner technologies and their own modernization expertise for optimal results.


Trained Expert Capacity:

Sonata boasts a team of 300+ Microsoft Fabric-trained experts, enabling efficient customer onboarding.


Continuous Modernization and Cost Reduction:

Sonata emphasizes continuous modernization and cost reduction through streamlined processes and expertise.


Co-create Adoption Approach:

Sonata employs a unique co-creation approach to encourage wider adoption of Microsoft Fabric.


Services Aligned with Fabric Promise and Architecture:

Sonata's services align with the promises and architecture of Microsoft Fabric.


Lightning Data Suite and AI/ML Industry Use Cases:

Sonata offers the Lightning Data Suite and AI/ML industry use cases to enhance ROI and accelerate adoption rates.


Increased Productivity and Reduced Costs:

Sonata's offerings, including generative AI and productivity tools, boost productivity and lower costs for customers.

Free Workshop:

Discover the possibilities of data modernization goals with our FREE 2-hour customer workshop. Tailored to your needs, this session emphasizes the importance of modernizing your data foundation and infrastructure systems to respond with greater speed, agility, and affordability. Experience how Microsoft Fabric can transform your data journey and unlock new possibilities for your organization.

Contact us today to schedule your FREE workshop!

In addition, we offer 1-week intensive or 4-6 week deep-dive sessions, where we delve into the technical aspects and advanced features of Microsoft Fabric.


We really appreciate Sonata Software, our global systems integration & technology partner, for their valuable contribution in Fabric’s evolution and being a trusted partner to help modernization of analytics for our customers.

– Arun Ulagaratchagan,CVP, Azure Data

We are very proud and excited to partner with Microsoft for the launch of Microsoft Fabric. We strongly believe Fabric is pathbreaking in what it can do for customers who are modernizing their global data estate. We will bring a whole set of complementary capabilities in terms of IPs as well as capacities across the globe to help customers to modernize their data estate and adopt this platform faster.

– Rajasekhar Datta Roy, CTO, Sonata Software

With extensive experience working with healthcare technology companies, our focus is on bringing clinical focus and deliverables to the market.


Our dedicated Product Development team provides clinical support for product development by combining clinical and technology capabilities, and delivering client presentations to showcase our expertise.


Our specialty lies in Clinical BI/Analytics, which involves developing and expanding clinical analytics combined with technology capabilities.


We establish a standardized, transparent, repeatable financial analysis and ROI, leveraging BI Analytics tools to establish efficiencies around on-demand and real-time reporting. To ensure accuracy and consistency in our work, we centralize and implement standardized analytical processes and data definitions documentation.


Our team works closely with technology organizations to achieve clinical-focused deliverables and monitors meaningful metrics related to targeted initiatives.


We effectively interpret and integrate organization predictive modeling data and tools to establish meaningful baselines that provide valuable insight into clinical effectiveness.


Our team provides provider/payer interpretation of relationships between clinical effectiveness and financial performance, which empowers our clients to make informed decisions that positively impact their organization's bottom line.

With extensive experience working with healthcare technology companies, our focus is on bringing clinical focus and deliverables to the market.


We provide comprehensive compliance support to healthcare organizations to ensure adherence to various regulations and standards. Our compliance services are tailored to meet the unique needs of providers, payers, and pharmacies.


Or providers, we offer compliance oversight and management services to ensure compliance with regulations such as HIPAA, JACHO, and NABH. We work closely with providers to develop policies and procedures that align with regulatory requirements.


Similarly, for payers, we provide compliance services that ensure adherence to HIPAA, SOX, and state compliance regulations. Our compliance oversight and management services help payers stay up-to-date with changing regulatory requirements.


For pharmacies, we offer compliance services that ensure adherence to regulations such as DEA, FDA, and state pharmacy board requirements. Our compliance services cover areas such as documentation, record-keeping, and drug safety.