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With the SaaS based ecosystem widely adopted by enterprises for their digital needs, ISVs need to focus on how they can rebuild their legacy products into modern business platforms, the vital factors being

  • Intelligence and analytics capabilities 
  • Product integration into customer’s digital ecosystem and expected value addition
  • Faster releases to market of the modernized product
  • Ease of plugging in features and capabilities into current ISV products
  • Consistent and seamless UX across the application portfolio

A “one-size fits all” approach towards modernization may not be the right approach, considering differences in industry, location, reach, platform, technology and size of the company.
Our Platform engineering DNA built on our proprietary Platformation™ methodology, helps ISVs modernize their legacy business applications in all aspects –infrastructure, Data, Applications, processes and user experience, enabling a seamless digital ecosystem that elevates the performance of your product and your product portfolio. 

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Sonata's offerings

Retail Platforms


We leverage feature-rich platforms to enable modernization of all facets of your legacy apps - infra, architecture, Data etc., ensuring a systematic ascent towards modernization


Retail Framework


Platformation™, Sonata's unique approach, helps ISVs to build open, connected, scalable and intelligent systems accelerating their digital transformation initiatives


Retail Services


Our services for ISVs include 360o involvement at all stages, from ideation and product management services, life cycle engineering, end customer engineering to product sales and Cloud services

industry segments

Sonata offers 360⁰ product and platform engineering services for ISVs on Microsoft ERP products, Data technologies and products, and Open source technologies encompassing a wide range of industries.

Business software vertical-bar

Business software products (ERP)

Joint and co-development services to ERP companies on Microsoft and other technologies

Build intelligence - Azure AI/IoT/CDS-A

Professional services - customer upgrades

Finance, education & compliance vertical-bar

Finance, education & compliance

Professional services including migration centers, upgrade centers, monitoring centers

Cloud Migration/Engineering

Support center services - sustenance/support

Retail, travel & distribution vertical-bar

Retail, Travel & Distribution

Component services like testing, sustenance, support etc.

Custom Platform Engineering

Re-architect/Re-platform to Cloud

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