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Travel companies are in a constant state of flux in a bid to cater to changing business requirements. Consequently, innovation is key for travel companies, whether it is for enhancing user experience, driving business performance, or improving service delivery. In addition, technology trends, such as consumerization of IT, mobility, analytics, and social media are increasingly disrupting the travel business. Keeping this in mind, we have key products and services which help enterprises build a competitive edge.

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Sonata's offerings

Digital Distribution Platforms


Integrated digital platform for end-to-end travel management which enhances traveler experience, increases operational efficiencies and adapts quickly to dynamic business models

Digital Distribution Frameworks


Platformation™, Sonata's unique approach, helps travel enterprises to build open, connected, scalable and intelligent systems accelerating their digital transformation initiatives

Digital Distribution Services


Design, develop and implement solutions tailored to the unique needs of travel enterprises, leveraging our experience gained through helping a variety of enterprises over two decades

industry segments

We understand that each market segment has its specific needs and priorities that need to be addressed. Our solutions are customized to cater to the key drivers of each industry segment.

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Our industry-ready platforms help travel companies across segments implement new-age digital solutions in a shorter time while also laying a foundation for faster innovation of business models.





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