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Manufacturing & Distribution

Operational efficiency is a critical business driver for manufacturers and distributors to stay ahead in the current digital age. An agile supply chain, with real-time visibility and insights into the entire distribution network from sourcing to storage to delivery, is a key enabler of efficient operations. Complex supply chains, new business models, and B2B online commerce coupled with the expectations of business users to access information anytime anywhere are impacting the fundamentals of the distribution business. To top it all, understanding end consumer behaviour and personalizing their experience is no longer a differentiation but has become the norm to gain and sustain customer loyalty. How do these distribution focus organizations solve these challenges and create new opportunities?

Platform-oriented approach and new digital technologies, we believe, will provide the ability for manufacturers and distributors to not only efficiently manage the supply chain ecosystem consisting of different players – distributors, franchisees, retailers, stockists, logistics providers, consumers etc. but also enable each player in the ecosystem to perform at their best.

Sonata brings together deep experience, industry-ready platforms, and a unique PlatformationTM approach to help industrial & consumer goods manufacturers and wholesale distributors to stay competitive with digital distribution platforms and solutions. Equipped with these solutions, manufacturers and distributors can establish an adaptive distribution network that can withstand the changing market dynamics and new distribution models. 

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Sonata's offerings

Digital Distribution Platforms


Industry-ready platforms to transform traditional distribution to digital ready modern distribution connecting a variety of players in the supply chain ecosystem

Digital Distribution Frameworks


Platformation™ approach to build open, scalable, connected and intelligent systems that help organizations to accelerate digital transformation initiatives

Digital Distribution Services


Design, develop and implement digital solutions with deep understanding of distribution business gained with two decades of experience in helping Fortune 500 organizations

industry segments

We understand that the core principles of distribution and the emerging trends of digital transformation are common across manufacturers and distributors, but each segment has its specific needs and priorities that need to be addressed. Our solutions are customized to cater to the key drivers of each industry segment – Consumer Goods, Industrial Manufacturers, and Wholesale distributors.

Consumer Goods vertical-bar

Consumer Goods

Collaborative retailer execution with greater customer connect and insights

Newer delivery models - e-trade, marketplaces and direct to consumers

Flexible performance management of sales, retailers and ecosystem players

Industrial Manufacturers vertical-bar

Industrial Manufacturers

Efficient components supply with just-in-time (JIT) supplier collaboration

Increased control of franchisee operations and spare parts management

Empowered & agile field force management with deeper customer insights

Wholesale Distribution Industry Segment vertical-bar

Wholesale Distributors

Digital distribution models with B2B eCommerce across the supply chain

Efficient store delivery and field force management with digital technologies

Adaptive networks and configurations to suit a variety of business models

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Our industry-ready platforms help manufactures and distributors to realize their goals faster while our professional services help them to customize, integrate and manage the solution in an effective and efficient manner.

Modern Distribution Platform vertical-bar

Modern Distribution

Empowering Companies to Transform Supply Chain & Distribution Operations to Achieve Competitive Efficiencies 

Retail Hybris Platform vertical-bar

SAP Hybris Distribution

Grow Your Distribution Business with Future Ready Solutions





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