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Energy and Utilities

Sorting Challenges and Competing Demands

Energy and Utilities companies face complex challenges with dynamic markets, rising regulations, and rapidly changing customer demands. Utilities, once uber-focused on energy delivery are finding themselves competing in the world of digital services and fending off new entrants to the market.

With the right strategy and a modern business platform, these challenges become opportunities to create a competitive advantage.

The Role of Platformation™ for Utilities

Sonata platformation not only helps our clients to create and deliver technology that solves today's challenges, but to realize a modern business platform that is scalable, connected, open and intelligent to meet the needs of tomorrow.

Enhancing the Customer Experience

The days of selling a commodity service to a captured customer base are long gone. Customers today have options and expectations. They expect service levels that are equal to or greater than those they get from other services, like banks and investment advisors. They demand fewer and shorter outages after storms and improved using data to better manage their consumption and associated costs.

Enhancing siloed systems and outdated services models will not result in a customer-centric, data-driven platform. The clear path forward is through digital innovation at a foundational level.

Achieving Predictable Outcomes with Dynamics 365

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud platform combines front office, back office and field operations in a singular, enterprise environment. Operations are optimized with integrated cloud ERP, field service, enterprise asset management, business intelligence, and human capital management.

  • Create a 360-degree view of the customer to improve services and enhance satisfaction
  • Collaborate digitally with services partners throughout asset maintenance, replacement, and procurement
  • Integrate customer service, marketing, finance, billing and field operations to create a stronger digital relationship
  • Optimize resource scheduling and connected field services with mobile ticketing, advanced routing, and real-time customer communications
  • Align systems and processes to achieve regulatory compliance
  • Benefit from predictive analytics and alerts to optimize maintenance orders and schedules
  • Decrease operational costs by aligning systems to a single, efficient cloud platform
  • Managing active M&A activities, complex financial structures, and a large partner ecosystem

The digital revolution is here for Energy and Utility companies. New technologies, new competitors, new types of customers and new forms of energy. The market leaders will need to prove their ability to improve efficiency and expand their customer bases, by adding new capabilities and deploying improved business models.

The good news is with disruption comes opportunities, for those that are willing to adapt and transform.



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