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Accelerate Digital Transformation with Dynamics 365

Modernization is a strategic decision that directly impacts the speed of your Digital Transformation. Industry leaders rely on Sonata as an experienced & proven partner when it comes to moving on-prem solution to the cloud. Our customers have modernized Dynamics AX to D365 with ease, realizing cost-saving and quick results.

The key to success is in the initial planning: Knowing the challenges that lay ahead, utilizing best practices based, build that business case for user buy-in, and strategizing the modernization to get the most out of the investments.

Why you should attend this Webinar?

Our experts will provide the insights equipping you to take transformation decisions, largely covering:

  • Challenges faced by organizations when they don't modernize
  • Understanding the power of Dynamics 365 as a Digital Transformation platform
  • Know the easy steps to achieve your modernization objectives
  • Learn the benefits clients have realized globally and in your region

Tell us about the challenges faced in journey to cloud that you need to answer while you register.

Speaker Details

Geraldine Kelly

Geraldine Kelly

Digital Technical Specialist, Dynamics F&O, Microsoft

Geraldine is a Digital Technical Specialist at Microsoft. Her previous stint was with a Microsoft Partner as an ERP consultant. She has been many years as an ERP Consultant working on large complex projects. Her responsibilities have been primarily focused on software development relationships and IT project management, with an emphasis on the end-user experience and stakeholder value. She regularly liaised with senior executive management regarding project scoping, solution architecture, solution design, project delivery, service delivery and relationship management.

Tridip Saha

Tridip Saha

SVP, US & Europe Business head at Sonata Software

Tridip is an experienced business leader in the IT services industry with a passion to partner enterprises in applying technology to deliver business outcomes. Prior to Sonata he has held sales leadership positions in CSC, Mu Sigma and Mindtree in Europe, driving business growth and building relationships with clients across industries such as Retail, CPG, Travel, Technology & Financial Services. Tridip is an Engineer from Jadavpur University, Kolkata and an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad.

Hanumanth Tenneti

Hanumanth Tenneti

Competency Head, Dynamics 365, Sonata Software

Hanumanth has over 22 years of professional experience in IT industry in key roles and responsibilities. He has extensive knowledge of the entire Dynamics 365 ecosystem.