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Platformation™ - Delivering Platformation

About The Customer

The customer, a global material sciences pioneer, has a history of 9 decades at the cutting edge of their business, with products used in every major industry. The company has more than 35,000 employees, a presence in 50 countries across 6 continents. It is a member of the Fortune 500, with revenues of over $7 billion in 2020.

Problem Statement

As customer experience became a more critical business factor, the customer sought to construct a cognitive, intelligent, and automated customer service platform to transform their Customer Experience and improve their operational efficiency.

In order to achieve their stretch goals for growth in Sales and operating margin while improving their CX and satisfaction, the client needed a highly secure CSR that was API and Data-centric, event-driven , and delivered near real-time data.


Sonata's Solution



  • Customers, suppliers, and partners must be able to seamlessly integrate with the platform and receive near real-time inputs.
  • Internal departments must find it simple to use the platform.
  • The solution should be able to integrate seamlessly with changing systems or platforms.



  • The solution must have the capacity to scale current and future business models
  • It must be aligned, 50 scalable and cloud-oriented
  • It must be aligned with Sonata’s 16-point Platformationtm Framework

Sonata's solution and implementation roadmap ensured that any platform developed for customer adhered to the four principles of Platformation -being:



  • There must be a connected platform ecosystem between the customer and their clients
  • There must be a Connected internal ecosystem for effective collaboration across CS, Production, Logistics etc.



  • The Solution must deliver cognitive and intelligent customer service
  • It must be intuitive and be self-learning for all platform stakeholders.
  • It Must deliver ML/DL-enabled predictions and insights.


Platformation Plan:

  • Analysing customer’s service and operations capability levels.
  • Identifying gaps in the chain of operations and using lean levers to eliminate unnecessary manual touchpoints.
  • Identifying gaps in the chain of operations and using lean levers to eliminate unnecessary manual touchpoints.
  • Proposing solution architecture aligned with Sonata Platformationtm principles
  • Aligning to customer Roadmap and progressively onboarding stakeholders
  • Executing the strategy in 5 phases leading up to >70% digitization of the customer’s process
  • Post implementation Support: via a dedicated team and account manager.


over$20million in cost savings

38% reduction in manual touchpoints

70%process automation achieved

3600Customer view established

38% reduction in manual touchpoints

Application Development Services

Build secure, Platformation™-compliant applications, on-premise or on cloud, that transform the way you do business

Platformation™ on the Microsoft stack

Leverage Sonata’s deep understanding of Microsoft’s platforms, built over a 30-years of collaboration to quickly build and deploy Platformation™ compliant solutions for every business need

Data Services

Create hyper-scalable data platforms that provide you the intelligence and insights you need to make informed decisions about your business, your markets and your customers

AI/ML Engineering Services

Put the power of AI to work for your business with Sonata’s AI/ML services – a technology agnostic set of solutions that work on your data to give you superior results.

Cloud Services

Build cloud-native platforms on the provider of your choice- AWS, Azure, Google -and harness the flexibility of cloud Platformation to drive your digital transformation.

Digital Consulting Services

Bring to bear Sonata’s toolset – from our Customer Digital Agenda Templates and Maturity Assessments to build the platforms that work for you