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RPA Migration Factory


Elevate Your RPA Data Migration with Sonata.

In today's fiercely competitive landscape, organizations are turbocharging their digital evolution with AI-powered intelligent automation, especially Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Sonata, in partnership with Blueprint Software Systems and Microsoft, brings you a game-changing RPA data migration solution that revolutionizes automation.

Unleash the Power of Data Migration with RPA.

Legacy RPA tools are complex, demanding highly skilled resources, and often leading to long backlogs that hinder scalability and ROI. Additionally, these tools come with inflated and expensive licensing costs, increasing the overall cost of ownership.

Overview of Sonata's RPA Migration Factory

Why Data Migration Using RPA with Sonata

  • Cost-Efficient Automation: Cut licensing costs by 40-90% compared to traditional RPA tools, significantly reducing TCO.
  • Swift Deployment: Sonata's solution ensures 35% faster enterprise automation implementation.
  • User-Friendly Automation: Microsoft's intuitive UI and streamlined Power Platform facilitate faster time-to-value with 25% increased efficiency for citizen developers.
  • Cloud-Powered Automation: Utilize Power Automate for AI-driven data analysis, RPA, and seamless integration with cloud applications and databases via built-in connectors.
  • Integrated Automation Solutions: Extend automation to business apps and virtual agents with Power Apps and Power Virtual Agent, enhancing automation capabilities through integration with Power BI.
Why data migration using RPA with Sonata

Your RPA Data Migration Solution with Sonata

Efficient RPA Migration

The solution, a collaboration between Sonata, Blueprint, and Microsoft offers an RPA migration kit for a 30% faster transition to Power Automate, cutting costs by approximately 70% compared to manual methods.
This kit includes a digital automation blueprint for quality, lower maintenance, and reduced expenses.

Enhanced RPA data Migration with Sonata

Maximize your RPA capabilities with Sonata, boosting efficiency and innovation for a seamless migration experience.

Your RPA data Migration Solution with Sonata

World Class Service Offerings for RPA Migration

  • Hyperscale Automation

    Hyperscale Automation

    Discover process inefficiencies in existing systems and automate.
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    • Discover process inefficiencies in existing systems and automate.
    • Automate paper-based tasks and workflows.
    • Connect disparate systems and automate processes.
    • Re-Imagine business workflows augmented by AI + Bots + IoT at the edge.
  • Modernize Legacy Platforms

    Modernize Legacy Platforms

    Migrate from legacy stack like Lotus Notes, SharePoint, InfoPath, etc.
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    • Migrate from legacy stack like Lotus Notes, SharePoint, InfoPath, etc.   
    • Modernize the front end for Legacy apps.
    • Enhance user experience and increase productivity.
  • Intelligent Apps

    Intelligent Apps

    Mashup data across multiple systems.
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    • Mashup data across multiple systems.
    • Build apps for specific personas.
    • Simplify complex systems.
    • Embed intelligence in apps and uncover new insights through low code.
  • Delivery through Center of Digital Excellence

    Delivery through Center of Digital Excellence

    Digital delivery Process.
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    • Digital delivery Process.
    • Starter kit with reference apps and templates.
    • App factory to scale.

Offering leveraging Power Platform

Sonata Advantage

Deep Expertise on the Platforms

Power Platform consultants comprising of functional and technical experts + Architects + RPA Certified Professionals across technologies. Digital Process Library / Use Cases.

Proven Track Record

Strong experience in delivering similar engagements.

Leaders in Migration

World-class automation engineering expertise and delivery excellence.

Microsoft Relationship

Strong Microsoft and Dynamics Partner with 360-degree Relationship, Inner Circle Member 2023-24, Actively engaged in various newly launched motions.

Industry Experience

250+ Use cases across F&A, HR, IT Support, Retail, Healthcare, Supply Chain, and Insurance domains.

Strong Ecosystem Player

300+ Automate Solutions with varied complexities using industry-leading RPA products. Rich experience in Automation and end-end solution delivery (Power Automate, UIPath, BluePrism, etc.

Early Adoption

Launch Partner of “RPA Migration 100” for early adoption, and evolution.


“Technology Partner of the Year - BizApps” and “Microsoft US Eagle Award” for winning new D365 customers.