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Insights - Case study

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IT Infrastructure Managed Services

The client, financial arm of a global automotive giant, witnessed rapid expansion. However, operating in the auto finance sector necessitated substantial technology investments to manage various business facets. With an in-house IT infrastructure, the company encountered typical operational challenges. Sonata proposed a infrastructure management services solution aimed at ensuring uninterrupted business operations and reducing costs.

Delivering on Claims

As one of the world's largest independent providers of claims management services, the client faced challenges with fragmented systems for handling FNOL, causing delays in claims processing and subpar customer experiences. Sonata utilized its unique Platformation™ approach, leveraging Microsoft's Azure Cloud platform and other technologies to develop a robust FNOL solution. The solution not only ensures security but also delivers an easy and intuitive customer onboarding experience.

Transforming Loan Management Process

A prominent investment bank and mortgage broker in the U.S., the client encountered issues with their loan management system, causing delays in application processing and hindering scalability. To address the evolving needs of the real estate industry, Sonata initiated a strategic overhaul of loan services. The outcome? Enhanced market penetration and improved customer engagement.

Customer Management Excellence

A premier mutual fund management company faced challenges in addressing customer inquiries efficiently, leading to delays and inefficiencies. Sonata assisted in building an integrated customer service management system using Dynamics 365 Customer Service On-Premises. The implementation resulted in reduced turnaround time for query resolution, better manpower planning, and seamless integration with other systems for a 360-degree customer data view.

Next-gen Digital Payment Solutions

In response to the needs of a leading retail bank's merchant services division, Sonata devised a comprehensive strategy to enhance their UPI-based Payment Platform. This involved establishing a COE team for platform development, introducing new features and enhancements, and orchestrating a platform’s cloud transformation. The results were significant, with over 10,000 merchants seamlessly integrated with the APIs and a notable 30% reduction in incident volume