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Digital Assurance & Managed Services

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Technology-led businesses have begun to steer the way ahead with digital modernization and transformation. Demand for higher productivity and faster delivery is pushing organizations to look at options to leverage more of the technology investments.

With the success of the digital business models determined by the consumer experience, it is imperative that testing of the core and surround application landscape is comprehensive, business process aligned, usability focused, and context-driven.

Sonata’s Digital Assurance & Managed Services aligned with Sonata’s Platformation™ Model addresses the fundamental need of digitization and modernization, by helping Quality Engineering teams to minimize expanding manual effort in test development and execution, and focus efforts on innovation and accelerated delivery of product enhancements without compromising quality.

Focusing on the core levers of any digitization agenda, Sonata’s Digital Assurance & Managed Services model focuses on ensuring that the digital agenda is met by measuring the transformation parameters that include extensibility, customer context, data integrity, business alignment, and automation.

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