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Emerging technologies – Generative AI


At Sonata, we are passionate about helping organizations drive growth through modernization and delivering exceptional customer experiences. By adopting the latest AI innovations and technologies, we aim to empower businesses to build a sustainable competitive advantage within their industries. As industries continue to be disrupted by technology, staying ahead of the curve is more crucial than ever. Our Emerging Technology COE provides clients with the expertise and tools they need to navigate this exciting new frontier.

Generative AI is one of the most recent developments in artificial intelligence. The trained AI models generate original, human-like content based on massive training datasets and neural network technology. Sonata’s 'Responsible by Design' approach ensures uncompromising ethics, trust, privacy, security, and compliance. It amplifies the potential of humans, enterprises, and communities to tap into the next generation of opportunities and create value from unparalleled innovations, connected ecosystems, and pervasive efficiencies.

Sonata’s Harmoni.AI is a holistic "Responsible by Design" platform for generative AI. A Data Governance and Acceleration engine backs it, providing a choice of using Industry Leading LLMs and a consulting framework to enable effective adoption and faster time to market. Sonata has built 6 Service delivery platforms, Industry Use cases, and Acceleration BOTs. It is conducting pilots with multiple customers, including Fortune 500 clients, particularly in the areas of Healthcare and Life Sciences, Consumer Products & Retail, Telecom, Media & Technology, and Banking and Financial Services.

Our Offerings

Governed COE Model – Operationalize innovation, governance, best practices, and, capability creation

Fast Track Application Build leveraging Power Platform, Copilot in combination with OpenAI / Azure OpenAI API

Build AI-Driven solutions in existing & new processes and apps by integrating with OpenAI / Azure OpenAI APIs

POCs and Prototyping – Lightning Platform to prototype any ChatGPT-driven use case across industries

A few of our solutions using generative AI are:

Employee Experience Enhancement with Policy Bot


Call center conversation Sentiment Analysis


Companion for support engineers to troubleshoot problems



Sonata Advantage

With Harmoni.AI, customers can:

  • Use GenAI in a responsible manner.
  • Achieve faster time to market with the Acceleration engine.
  • Have a choice of leading LLMs based on customer context.
  • Access an inbuilt repository of training and guidelines.

With this, customers can achieve:

  • Better customer retention and acquisition rates.
  • A more productive and engaged workforce.
  • Drive self-service and reliability in the app and infra support.
  • Drive automation in compliance with industry regulations.
  • Accelerate Digital Engineering speed and quality by 30%.
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Sonata provides AI-powered solutions for multiple industries, including personalized recommendations, language translation, compliance chatbots, code review, and technical troubleshooting, improving businesses' quality of content and services.

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