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D365 Supply Chain Management

D365 Supply Chain Management Resources

Scalable, composable, secure, and streamlined solution for an intelligent supply chain


Resolve product quality issues and accelerate time to market

Accelerate innovation and respond quickly to quality issues, changing customer specifications, and obsolete parts to ensure compliance and mitigate delays.


Gain planning agility to fulfil customer demand

Predict demand using AI and deliver products on time by planning supply and production in near real time, ensuring the right resources are in the right place.


Optimise stock and logistics

Improve delivery by using predictive analytics to optimise and automate stock, warehousing, fulfilment, material sourcing, and supply chain logistics.


Innovate with intelligent manufacturing operations

Build agile factories and manufacturing processes with predictive technologies, IoT, and mixed reality to improve throughput, quality, and delivery while reducing costs.

Build Agile Manufacturing and Distribution Processes

Consistently deliver products on time, optimise resource planning, adapt to changing business models, and ensure business continuity while staying profitable

Increased agility

Real time production and distribution planning 

Connected factory with IoT, AI and mixed reality 

Integrated warehouse management system

Business continuity

Manufacturing and warehousing at the edge 

High availability with 99.9 percent uptime using 

Microsoft Azure 

Sophisticated supplier management

Cost savings
Cost savings

Optimised stock with real-time visibility

 Maximum asset performance

 Intelligent distributed order management

Take the PlatformationTM Approach

Enhance Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management with Sonata’s Modern Distribution Platform. 

The Modern Distribution Platform moves operations to a B2B eCommerce environment, enabling businesses to increase productivity and reduce order lead time.

PlatformationTM Approach