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A New Era of Connected Retail

To keep up with the expectations of today's customers, Retailers are looking at transforming the traditional shopping experience, bringing the power of technology to bear on their efforts to provide a unified shopping experience, through store digitization, a consistent presence both online and offline, and improved logistics and supply chain management to ensure speedy fulfillment. "A New Era of Connected Retail" explains How Personalization, Adaptiveness, and Intelligence are shaping Retail.

Exceptional Customer Experiences Keep You Ahead. Always

Companies providing exceptional personalized experiences throughout the buying journey win & retain more customers.

Consumer behavior is changing. Brands, online retailers, marketplaces, and consumer companies are vying for the same consumer by providing a superior consumer experience.

The key to thriving in this changing Retail ecosystem is platform-led thinking. Sonata's Platformation™ empowers retailers with a platform-centric approach creating a unified customer experience across the buying journey.

Sonata, with over two decades, has been a preferred Digital Partner for retailers and consumer goods companies. As a leader in Microsoft technologies, industry-leading platforms, our domain knowledge and signature approach to digital is encapsulated in our new offering.

Sonata Connected Retail helps reimagine retail, so you are ready for the future. Always.

Great customer
Assurance retail

Sonata Connected Retail Keeps Your Business Future-Ready. Always

Sonata Connected Retail bridges physical and digital systems with the concept of a connected ecosystem. It equips retailers with agility & data-aided insights on every aspect of the business to ensure a personalized & seamless Customer Experience remains the only constant.

Sonata sees three essential technology attributes to ensure a Retailer is future-ready. Always.

  • personalized


    Enable a customer-centric approach. Enhance customer loyalty through personalized shopping experiences at scale along with offering convenience-based choices.
  • adaptive


    Ensure an adaptive and agile technology stack. Unify all operations to achieve efficiency while providing experiences, managing orders & supply chain, data-enabled forecasting, and distribution.
  • Intelligent


    Equip your business with the power of data-aided insights at every touchpoint, at every transaction and at every process.

Transformation: Tailored to your Context

Sonata’s track record brings unique capabilities, knowledge of industry architecture, ready co-sell IPs, accelerators to realize connected retail.Talk to Sonata to accelerate your retail transformation journey.

Realize your digital vision using a design thinking-led approach with industry-ready models, Marchitecture™, and digital business processes.


Microsoft Biz Apps is popular with its cloud anchored offerings, be it, modernizing or transforming your business application, we can help you accelerate your digital journey by creating a personalized experience, connected commerce orchestrated through a resilient supply chain. 


Microsoft retail cloud is the agile way to reimagine retail operations. Sonata's deep understanding & alignment with the Microsoft cloud can accelerate your business and digital transformation journey. Sonata is a launch partner for the Microsoft Cloud for Retail. Read the Press Release.



Deliver Seamless Customer Experiences for a Connected Ecosystem

Sonata helps you realize the true power of Connected Retail through tailor-made solutions which help you personalize, be adaptive, and cater to intelligent needs.

We help your customers to reach you through multiple channels, modernize your stores, build a resilient supply chain, and enable integrated & automated operations.

In-store Transformation

Empower your stores with personalization, loyalty management, and measurement for a great customer experience by modernizing your stores.


In-store Transformation:

Digital stores & connected associates

Point-of-Sale (POS) modernization

Clienteling, Assisted sales

Customer experience(CX) transformation & measurement

Personalization & loyalty management

Commerce Transformation

Modernize your stores and empower your personnel to offer a great customer experience through personalization


Commerce Transformation:

B2B/B2C; Omni channel commerce

Intelligent order management

Contactless payments

Personalization & loyalty management across channels

Fraud protection

Supply Chain Visibility and Planning

Boost the adaptiveness of your supply chain with greater visibility, flexibility, and efficient order management. 


Supply Chain Visibility and Planning:

Omni channel order management

Multichannel fulfillment

Last mile fulfillment

Shipment re-routing

End-to-end supply chain visibility

Unified Digital Operations

Keep up with the everchanging retail scenario with better planning, automation, and smarter operations through advanced technologies.


Unified Digital Operations:

Dynamics 365 Retail, Operations, Commerce

Merchandising and planning

Automated warehousing 

Consultative Approach to Reimagine Retail

  • Design your retail Marchitecture™ using platform characteristics
  • Customized solutions through Platform engineering
  • Efficient managed services for your retail stores, commerce, PoS, and platforms


Years of experience

Industry Knowledge

specialty retail, health & beauty, fashion & apparel, consumer goods





Industry Ready IPs

Brick & Click, Modern Distribution, Kodo360


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