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How Sonata Connected Retail Transformed a Leading House of Fashion Brands?


CASE STUDY How Sonata Connected Retail Transformed a Leading House of Fashion Brands?

The client is a multinational fashion & apparel retail chain. It has a chain of 2800+ stores with a presence across 20,000+ multi-brand outlets with 6,300+ points of sales in retail stores of various formats.

The firm is envisioning a future-ready digital platform for its brands, one which provides a single view of customer and inventory across all channels. The platform will be the single source of truth and data integrity to provide a best-in-class omnichannel experience which in turn will help in creating a better customer experience.

The Fashion Leader was looking for a digital transformation for their retail operations. The need intensified as a result of the Covid pandemic. They chose Dynamics 365 as a solution, while continuing to use SAP for their backend data. The D365 front end helped them look different aspects of their processes helped them streamline commerce, Order management system(OMS), loyalty and clienteling.

The idea was to move from a home-grown solution to a Dynamics 365 based holistic solution.


Problem Statement

The firm has multiple 3rd party and home-grown solutions to facilitate order management, customer management and loyalty. This resulted in disparity of data across their multiple channels of stores, brand sites and the marketplace. They wanted to achieve customer and price parity across channels with implementation of omnichannel functionality to offer consistent, frictionless engagement across online and offline channels.

They were also looking to enhance their customer experience with digital ready client-management solutions to engage with customers, replacing their current loyalty system to provide a comprehensive loyalty program across channels and the Mission Happiness program to gather customer feedback.

Sonata conducted a workshop with the client which helped them map their requirements on to Dynamics 365 Commerce for managing omnichannel capabilities, including order management, client management and loyalty solutions. Dynamics 365 CRM was used for the Mission Happiness program.

A Personalized Solution

We were able to help our client with the following:

Commerce Solution

  • Replaced their home-grown Product Information Management (PIM) system with a unified solution on Dynamics PIM which could cater to all channels- store, ecommerce & mobile
  • Replaced their current order management system which was becoming very difficult to maintain. Modified Sterling Commerce with Dynamics DOM solution.
  • Offered solutions for multiple delivery methods to become omnichannel with the likes of BORIS, BOPIS, BOSS, etc
  • Helped them become hyperlocal, giving customers an experience of the store online through showcasing of inventory, store pricing & product catalogues online.

Customer Experience Management (Mission Happiness)

  • Capture customer feedback at different points to provide a wholesome customer experience. This was achieved by extending the mobile app & integrating it with CE CRM.
  • Helped move their loyalty from a 3rd party onto Dynamics system, which eased integration & enhanced user friendliness.
  • Client management to effectively manage the customer when from walks in onwards.
  • Advanced data analytics for customer insights, reporting, etc.

The Sonata Edge

  • Our expertise in retail which helped in understanding client’s challenges and mapping their needs to the unified digital platform
  • Our experience in Dynamics with similar clients helped provide a consultative approach, leading to standardized processes and procedures during implementation