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On-premise ERP systems are unable to adapt to the challenges posed by global supply chain disruptions, evolving workforce needs, and the demand for advanced business analytics and reporting. Migrating to modern SaaS based platforms like Microsoft Dynamics 365 can improve and optimize operations, respond effectively to market changes, and drive innovation in a rapidly evolving business landscape. 

Sonata’s Modernization by business outcomes is an approach to simplify and accelerate cloud migration and delivering on the digital transformation promise

The Sonata Approach: Strategizing for Digitization

We strategize for digitization & modernization to foster growth, focusing on:

  • The benefits of moving from on-premises to cloud and adopting a modern Microsoft Dynamics 365 as a platform
  • Technology strategies to meet the above objectives while adopting industry standard and simplifying IT landscapes
  • Optimizing migrations with actionable insights about how to reduce effort and cost
  • Defining modernization strategy with definite cost of ownership and/or ROI
Digital Agenda & Platformation

Customer Digital Agenda

  • Understand business priority
  • Benchmark with industry platform models
  • Digital agenda – create/revisit/understand
  • High level Sonata PoV 

Digital Business Processed & Roadmap

  • Future Digital Business Process
  • Marchitecture
  • Recommend Roadmap for Quick Wins.

Current System Assessment

  • D365 Assessment
  • Overall technology landscape assessment
  • Report Recommendations.

Hybrid Upgrade Pilots & Rollouts

  • Upgrade strategy 
  • Template Alignment & Standardization
  • Upgrade
  • Pilot Go-Live
  • Validation
  • Global Rollout

Go Forward Evolve & Transform 

  • Digital Programs/Project Execution

Success Stories

Dynamics Modernization for Global Vision Care Major

Facing challenges due to inconsistent implementation of Dynamics AX 2012, the client sought a solution to streamline operations. Leveraging Sonata's proprietary Platformation framework for digital transformation, a Dynamics 365-based solution was meticulously crafted on the Azure cloud, ensuring a seamless transition and enhanced performance.

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Microsoft Inner Circle 2023/24 

Inner circle member for Microsoft Business Applications 2022, 2023/24

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Magic Quadrant for Cloud ERP for Product-Centric Enterprises

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