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Migrate to Azure

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Migrate to Azure

In the new digital age, the most successful businesses have migrated their data centres from on-prem infrastructure to cloud platforms. Building your business on the Cloud ensures that you are – Open, Connected, Scalable, Secured and Intelligent.

Migrating to the cloud isn't just about improving scalability and security. It's also about improving your financial resilience by shifting from a traditional upfront expenditure to a more flexible pay-as-you-go model.

Sonata work closely with customers on Microsoft's Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) guidelines for Azure.

What We Offer



Sonata help customers with Cloud rationalization process and evaluate their digital assets to determine the best approach to hosting them in the cloud. We assist customers with planning the cloud journey and addressing readiness gaps. We can help you with

  • Modern Data Centre Assessment
  • Application Modernization Assessment
  • Data Assessment
  • Security Assessment
  • Migration Risk Assessment
modernization and migration

Modernization & Migration

Sonata's services support migration and modernizing current application landscape. We can support migration to Azure for improved scalability and security. Our services include setting up the Azure environment, implementing security and compliance requirements, testing and validating the services and stabilizing the infrastructure on cloud.

  • Designing Azure Architecture (Topology)
  • Setting up Hybrid architectures
  • Creating High Availability and Resilient Infrastructure
  • Migrating on-premise Infrastructure to Azure using native Azure Migration tools
  • Migration of Workload (Lift and Shift) & Rehosting Windows servers on Azure
  • Azure Landing Zone Readiness
  • Rehosting, Refactoring, Rearchitecting & Migrating databases like Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Cosmos DB & MariaDB
  • Setting up Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  • Taking up Biz Apps on Cloud
  • Platform and Data Re-engineering
windows virtual desktop

Windows Virtual Desktop Services

Our Windows Virtual Desktop Services implement and manage a familiar and consistent environment for your employees to work on, wherever they are, with control over security and with policies based on your organization's compliance needs.

managed services

Managed Services

  • SLA based 24x7 support
  • User Management and other administrative activities
  • Management of Azure IAAS and PAAS services
  • Troubleshooting & Performance Tuning
  • Ticketing and Monitoring of Azure Digital Estate
  • Regular patching & updates
  • Automating tasks
  • Alerts and Log Analytics
  • Back up, Site Recovery & DR drills
  • Compliance and security checks
  • Ongoing Optimization, Governance & Reporting
  • Monthly newsletters and Azure updates

Partnership Details and Awards

Ms Partnership Details

MS Partnership Details

  • GISV, lSP, CSP, ISV Dev Centre, SI
  • Global Alliance footprint
  • Gold and Advance Certified partner


  • Microsoft Eagle Award - FY20
  • Global Finalist for Messaging – FY17
  • Global Finalist for Hybrid Cloud and Infra – FY16
  • Country Partner of the Year – FY17, FY16 & FY14
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