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Tourism Board

Tourism Board

Did you know?

  • According to a recent report, an average traveler organizing a holiday searches nearly 50 times online, makes 38 site visits, reads a dozen reviews, researches for 15 weeks, and does not have a particular destination in mind when he or she starts looking
  • Tourism Board faces a very challenging marketing environment today. The consumer is becoming more technologically-savvy, distracted and consequently more demanding
  • The leisure travel industry is currently a mix of few large players and a whole lot of mid-size and small players either with a specialized product and/or deep customer relationships
  • With more and more business going online the smaller and mid-size companies are unable to invest in the technology needed and becoming less competitive
  • Tourism website tends to drive a lot of traffic from travelers looking for recommendations on what to do during their visit

Sonata's offering to Tourism Board:

Why is this required?

Tourism Board
  • Promote tourism at your destination by providing a shared Business platform to smaller destination service providers and smaller tour operators where they can host their services and become easily accessible to tourists
  • Transform your website into an online marketplace and get the local suppliers involved to become a one-stop shop for tourists to book their travel services
  • This will enable smaller players to offer a wider content, sell to each other's clients, negotiate better with suppliers
  • Put experiences at the front and in the center of your strategy, while making trip planning more convenient for visitors

What's in it for the Tourism Board?

Tourism Board
  • One-stop marketplace solution for travel customers to get everything specific to a destination
  • Futuristic technology platform affordable for travel startups and innovators to compete better
  • Unified online platform to promote destination worldwide
  • Digital transformation with multi-channel travel eCommerce platform
  • Insights on travelers preferences, destination strengths, and opportunities

How will Rezopia enable this?

Tourism Board
  • Aggregate products from a wide array of specialists in the destination
  • Brand, market, promote and attract inbound travelers to destinations
  • Contract and negotiate better with 3rd party aggregators like GDS, bedbanks
  • Offer package experience combining multiple destination services
  • Encourage cross-selling and increase ancillary revenue among destination specialists
  • Cloud-hosted platform on Microsoft Azure