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Cloud Transformation

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We are a Modernization Company Which Leverages Its Platformation™ Framework To Accelerate Clients' Modernization Agenda.

Organizations have an exciting opportunity to re-invent or re-imagine their businesses and re-purpose their goals to achieve higher growth rates in this digital-led fourth industrial revolution. Organizations are building their digital transformation agenda or 'digital agenda'.

Digital agendas are primarily focused on:

  1. Introducing new services for growth by re-imagining their existing services or creating new digital services and products.
  2. Creating efficiencies by building ecosystem platforms and productivity solutions.
  3. Creating intelligent and intuitive user experiences.

To achieve the above, organizations require to build digital infrastructure, i.e. organizations will need to optimize existing infrastructure or procure new infrastructure to achieve their digital agenda. Building Digital infrastructure means Modernizing Hardware, Data, Applications, Processes and User Experiences. Adopting Cloud is one of the ways to achieve digital infrastructure for enterprises to achieve better speed to market, highly scalable infrastructure, deliver on-demand experiences, improve and optimize costs etc.

Digital infrastructure stacks

Sonata's unique Cloud Modernization approach can help clients make the right cloud decisions, by helping them identify the right approach for their applications, delivering a superior cloud journey experience.

How we help Customers adopt Cloud

Most enterprises tend to consider Cloud only as a part of the Infrastructure stack, and not as part of their overall digital agenda. Sonata believes that a Digital infrastructure needs every piece of the stack to operate in cooperation with lower-level stacks to respond optimally based on demand. Sonata's Cloud Platformation™ approach helps you define and achieve your Digital Agenda.

The approach is about assessing your existing digital portfolio for cloud readiness and digital criticality. Subsequently, we identify an approach befitting their readiness and criticality. All cloudable and digitally critical applications are considered for modernization and cloudable plans, but non-critical applications are considered for migration and optimization plans.

  • Migrate and Optimize

Applications which are non-critical to your business and which don't require scale and elasticity to operate optimally in Cloud are Migrated to Cloud and then optimized for Cost, Infrastructure, Resources and Process Improvements.

  • Migrate and Modernize

Applications which require the scale and elasticity of the Cloud and are critical to the business functioning of your organization are modernized to Cloud using Sonata's MARCHITECTURE SONATA SOFTWARE services. These modernized applications incorporate features of modern digital platforms: Open, Connected, Scalable and Intelligent.

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Google Cloud


Cloud Unique Approach

Our Unique approach to take you to cloud

Sonata's unique cloud Modernization approach ensures that the business critical applications of your organizations are modernized using cloud first technologies and the non critical applications are migrated and optimized to leverage cloud.

Cloud Platformation

Cloud Platformation™ delivers your digital agenda

Our unique and proprietary approach to deliver your applications helps us devise an application modernization roadmap using Sonata's MARCHITECTURE SONATA SOFTWARE services to create cloud native applications that are Open, Scalable, Connected and Intelligent.

Multiple Cloud

Multiple Cloud Partnerships

A Multi Cloud partner with expertise on public cloud (Azure, AWS, Google Cloud and Oracle cloud) and private cloud setups (VM ware, Openstack, Azure Stack).

We have the ability to deliver in single and multi cloud environments.

Cloud Tools

Tools to deliver faster service Expertise

  • Automated Tools for Cloud Migration and assessment
  • Framework for CloudOps and DevOps
  • Platform engineering for Application modernization
  • Automated framework for Support Ops.
Industry Recognition

Industry Recognition

  • Multiple "Microsoft country partner for the year" award winners.
  • SAP pinnacle award
  • World Travel award.
Our Assessments

Our assessments and IPs

We migrate and manage our own IP and assests in multi cloud environment.

  • Halosys Unified Mobile Platform
  • Kartopia Digital commerce Platform
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