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RPA & Bots

Automation Overview

Transforming Accounts and Finance with Smart Automation - Unleashing Cost Savings and Efficiency Gains. 

Discover the power of automation in revolutionizing your accounts and finance functions. Benefit from remarkable cost reductions of up to 35% and a surge in productivity by up to 80%. 

Driving Change -

  • Digital Transformation: Embrace cutting-edge technologies for a future-ready finance ecosystem. 
  • Data Governance: Ensure data integrity and regulatory compliance through robust governance practices. 
  • Cost Efficiency: Optimize resources and streamline operations to maximize cost savings. 
  • Scalability: Seamlessly expand your finance capabilities to meet growing business needs. 
  • Process Standardization: Implement consistent workflows for enhanced efficiency and reliability. 
  • Regulatory Compliance: Stay ahead of regulations with automated compliance management. 
  • Accuracy and Quality Improvement: Elevate the quality of financial data and reporting through error-free automation. 
  • Service Delivery: Enhance customer, vendor, and employee satisfaction with efficient service delivery. 
  • Data Analytics and Insights: Harness the power of data analytics for faster and informed decision-making. 

Unveiling the Value - 

  • Agility with Efficient Workflows: Unleash a 20% reduction in costs with smarter workflows. 
  • Improved Compliance: Slash regulatory costs by ensuring seamless compliance. 
  • Automated Data Entry Processes: Boost productivity by 25% with data entry automation. 
  • Transparency and Easy Auditing: Simplify auditing processes and gain transparency at every step. 
  • Integration of Systems: Experience a 15% reduction in costs by seamless system integration. 
  • Enhanced Stakeholder Satisfaction: Elevate satisfaction levels for customers, vendors, and employees. 
  • Training and Upskilling: Invest in training for upskilling your workforce with advanced automation expertise. 
  • Easier & Faster Decision-Making: Make data-driven decisions faster and with confidence through data analytics. 

Join the automation revolution today and witness a finance function that drives unparalleled value, efficiency, and success for your organization. Embrace the future of finance with smart automation! 

Sonata’s offerings for Automation in Finance Functions:

Set up Automation COE to ensure efficient global Finance and Accounting operations.

1. Automation Consulting and Roadmap

Procure to pay, Order to cash, Branch Consolidation, Bank Reconciliation, Audits, Management Reporting, Financial reporting 

2. Solution Architecture and Execution using following technologies:

  1. RPA (UiPath, Power Automate, Automation Anywhere, blueprism, ABBYY) 

  2. DevOps 

  3. AI / ML 

  4. Co-Pilot 

  5. Generative AI

3. Managed Services

  1. Update to Processes 

  2. Manage Issues 

  3. Manage Changes 

Value Proposition

  1. 250+ Use cases in Finance & Accounting with Extensive Knowledge Repository 

  2. Up to 35% reduction in the cost leveraging our expertise in RPA, DevOps, AI / ML, Gen AI 

  3. COE in Emerging Tech & Gen AI, 30+ trained resources for Gen AI Solutions 

  4. Up to 80% Gain in Productivity driven by our Automated Processes 

  5. Partnership with technology leaders Microsoft, AWS, UiPath etc. 

  6. End to End Automation skills for all Financial Functions   

  7. Consulting service - Manage Stakeholders expectation and build robust Roadmap 


RPA Solution

Help organizations improve their operational efficiency and productivity of their business processes across different verticals using intelligent automation, leveraging Sonata's Proven RPA CoE'sFramework, Accelerators, Services, Operating model

From Sonata Software -The Platformation Company

Intelligent RPA?

For Organizations, performing efficiently with increased productivity requires identification of right business processes across verticals which can be provide accelerated business benefits

Sonata's intelligent RPA through Center of Excellence would help in

  • Identifying the right process areas across industry function and verticals which can help in achieve ROI delivering business benefits through RPA Use Case Identifier Framework
  • Leverage Framework and Accelerators across RPA Maturity levels in implementing Intelligent Automation in reduced time based on the complexity of the use case
  • Build Proven Centre of Excellence for Customer which would ensure right governance, operating model, administration, change management, business continuity plan
  • Help in Managing Transition in operations in non-disruptive way including stakeholder management
  • Build a robust support for bots(monitoring, orchestrate, deploy, scaling, scheduling, license management) which can help in ongoing support and maintenance of bots

30%Cost savings will be achieved across key RPA-centric functions such as finance & accounting, HR, and supply chain

70-80%Rule based processes can be automated across various business processes resulting in cost savings

40%Increase in Customer Satisfaction Scores where RPA has been implemented across industry functions and verticals


RPA Center of Excellence

Consulting & Automation Strategy, Technology Solution, Operating Model, BOT Engineering & Support, Governance, Administration & Monitoring, Change Management, Security, Audit Trail, R&D Lab


Banking & Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Energy & Utilities, Insurance, Manufacturing, Facilities Management, FMCG, Pharma

Industry Function Exposure


  • Accounts Payables & Receivables
  • Invoice Processing
  • Procurement
  • Reconciliation
  • Master Data Management


  • User Onboarding and Offboarding
  • Leave Management
  • Payroll Management

Customer Service

  • Self Service Help Desk
  • Infra support


  • Order Management


  • Digitization of Customer Forms
  • Underwriting Process



Rules Based Routine and Repetitive Workflow


Processing unstructured data and base knowledge Pattern Recognition Intelligent Chatbots


Natural Language Processing Machine Learning Predictive analytics/hypothesis generation


sonata RPA competency


People & Culture

70+ RPA Certified Professionals

Strong Knowledge Base

Agile Resources

End – End RPA Implementation experience

Consultation and Discovery Phase

Business engagement

Pre and Post Deployment consultation

Constant Learning & Development


Tools & Technology

Worked on UIPath, BluePrism, AA, Workfusion, WinAutomation in RPA Engineering

Channel optimization across the supply chain reducing out-of-stock situations

Efficient fulfillment with flexible delivery models – store / hub / warehouse

Leverage RPA tools into RPA engineering ( Release, Deployment, Version Control, etc.)

R& D Lab

Reusable Assets

Frameworks and Integrators

Partnership with UIPath


Organization, Process & Implementation

COE for Organization Structure

RACI Matrix – Roles and Responsibilities,

Templates and checklists

Defined Process for Build, Change Mgmt, Incident, Support

Defined documents for each stage of RPA lifecycle, PDD, SDD,

RPA Qualifiers, ROI Calculator


Governance & Best Practices

RPA Standards and Checklists at each gates (PDD, Design, Engineering, Testing, Integration, Deployment, Support

Centralized Administration & Management of Robots

Dashboard and Reports

Technology Governance

NFR Governance

Operational Governance

Why Sonata?

Experienced Solution Provider

Rich experience in Automation and end-end solution delivery:

  • Delivered over 250+ RPA solutions with varied complexities using industry leading RPA products
  • Rich experience in RPA maturity levels (1,2,3, Finance, Account Payable and Receivable Process, Support, Insurance, HR, Orders, Pharma thereby align with Customer road map and  work as right technology partner in RPA journey
  • Dedicated RPA Based Competency Team with knowledge in various Business Process Areas for last 3 years
  • Have helped Indian and Global Customers in process identification through process discovery phase
  • Have implemented RPA end-end for enterprise customers, so would leverage experience for current journey
  • Have association with primer Indian research institute (Indian Institute of Science) for AI and ML 

Niche & Focused competency in RPA

World-class automation engineering expertise & Delivery Excellence

  • Product Engineering with automation expertise to provide comprahenisve solution, Own Frameworks and IP
  • Have business and technology parternship with UIPath in India which helps us leverage thier help and guidance for future versions and technology challenges during implementation
  • 80% of  all projects are in Agile methodology, we would leverage best practices from various engagements
  • Maintain delivery processes aligned to global quality standards (CMMI L5) and business needs, promote Process Awareness across teams, ensuring Process Discipline across all teams

Past Experience and Global Presence

Prior Experience in Key Business Process

  • Have automated most of Finance Processes ( AP Invoicnig Process, Indexing, Matching,Reconcillation, Payment, Billing) using RPA for most of the enterprise customers
  • Have automated key processes in Insurance, Order (Sales Order, Audit, etc), Pharma and other business areas
  • Have worked on most of ERPs ( SAP, Oracle, AX, AS400,iScala, etc) integration and understand the integration touchpoints

Right size Strategic partner to build CCoE driven innovations and value adds

Serving customers in India and globally-

  • Serving multiple Fortune 500 customer, across geographies, through our delivery centers in India, US
  • Delivery centers in Seattle, WA and Atlanta, Georgia (US) with 150+ resources, to serve some of our large clients in US


initiation planning

Initiation and Planning

  • Identify the business processes which qualifies for automation ( including complexity, feasibility)- RPA Questionnaire
  • Arrive at size, business benefits, ROI using Sizing and ROI Calculator
  • Establish the success criteria, prioritize the use cases
  • Conduct Workshop with key stakeholders
  • Provide a quote, RFP, Proposal,and obtain Go ahead
process detailing

Process Detailing and RPA Design

  • Document the current business state of the identified processes/use case (PDD)
  • Identify the interfaces and systems with which bot will have to interact
  • Identify the handshake mechanism
  • Solution and Design the Bot approach for the detailed business processes/use cases (SDD – Use Robotic Enterprise Framework)
RPA Engineering

RPA Engineering

  • Program the workflows of the use case using RPA Tool
  • Use pre or post processors (libraries)
  • Establish the handshake with Interfaces
  • Program the alternate flows and exceptions (UIPath Studio, version control – TFS, Git, SVN)
  • Code Review and Feedback
  • Unit Testing
  • System Test the RPA Bot for all different scenarios documented in the process document
  • Perform Integration testing user acceptance testing to certify the Bot to next stage
UAT deployment

UAT, Deployment, Transition and Go Live

  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Train the Staff on the new target state ( Bot + human interaction) and system procedures
  • Ensure new operational procedures are in place
  • Move the bot to production and perform controlled operation across business processes
  • Administration, Reports and Analytics ( Orchestrator, Kibana/PowerBI) - Monitoring & Business Metrics
  • Monitor and review production output of bot based on measurable outputs
hypercarre support

HyperCare, Support & Chg Mgmt

  • Provide Hyper Care support for a defined period to ensure stability and transition
  • Address anomalies or any exceptions to agreed business process during hyper care support
  • Report Bot progress and benefits realization through reporting
  • Provide recommendations through continuous improvement
  • Move to Standard Support Model for any issues( Ticketing System)
  • Handle incremental CR through Design and Engineering Phases

Services Provided


Managed Services for Automation of business process through RPA ( End-End)


Process Discovery & Consultation


RPA Engineering ( Projects/Programs for approved usecases)


RPA Support for developed bots ( Level 1,2,3)


RPA Resourcing for Established customer RPA programs


Establishing RPA Center of Excellence

Business Areas - RPA Implementation

business areas rpa implementation