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Azure DevSecOps Services

Sonata Azure DevSecOps Services

Create secure apps on a reliable platform. With a DevSecOps framework, you can integrate security into your developer process and boost cooperation.

Sonata's Azure DevSecOps Services combine GitHub and Azure products and services to help your business create more secure applications. We enable companies to utilize features like continuous integration and deployment automation for quick and reliable software development and delivery.

Sonata is a Gold Certified Partner in DevOps Competency, as well as a Modern Web Apps Advanced Specialization Partner and a GitHub Verified Partner. Sonata is an Azure expert with over 50 platforms and 100+ app modernization projects under its belt, as well as various frameworks such as DataDevOps and DevSecops that are provided through our Digital Delivery execution methodology.

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Microsoft RecognitionsCAF partner, global CSP, Azure migration and modernization partner, Solution Assessment partner, Global Support partner, ISV DevCenter partner, Inner circle partner

30+ Years of Microsoft Partnership

Solution Accelerators & Industry PlatformsIndustry Platforms for execution excellence

Deep Full Stack ExpertiseAzure O365 & D365

DevSecOps As Service

Azure DevSecOps Services

DevSecOps as a Service

We at Sonata perform an in-depth analysis to help you understand the requirements for build and release management strategy, architecture, tools, and technology while focusing on a timeframe and long-term goal. Our automated delivery processes and complete insight into the entire release process help us achieve faster delivery in a productive manner. Sonata has experience with multiple SAST, DAST, IAST, and RASP tools.


  • Assessment / Consulting
  • Implementation

Azure DevSecOps Services

DevSecOps Engineering Services

With Sonata's Azure Services, such as Azure Pipelines, AKS, Azure App Insights, and Azure Key Vault, our DevSecOps Engineering Services offer smooth, secure environments.

Key Services:

  • DevOps Strategy and Planning
  • Source/version control Setup & Migration
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment with Azure Build & Release Pipelines
  • Continuous Delivery Solutions
  • Infrastructure Automation Services with ARM templates & Powershell
  • Kubernetes and Serverless Solutions with AKS
  • Devops Monitoring Solutions with Azure monitor/Azure App insights

Azure data migration

Azure data migration

Azure DevSecOps Services

DatabaseDevOps as a Service

Sonata's Managed Database DevOps enables the usage of CI/CD for SQL queries in your database. Our services include the creation and management of SQL script repositories, as well as the implementation of DatabaseDevOps for database modifications (SQL changes) and automated deployments.


  • SQL Script Repository Setup & Maintenance
  • DatabaseDevOps implementation

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