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What is Cloud Platformation?

That's a long story.

The shift from on-premise systems to the cloud has been a long time coming. Application Service Providers (ASPs), in the early years of the internet, offered companies online access to applications. Since then, companies have steadily shifted to a model where computing resources – software and hardware alike – are available on-demand, with minimal active management by organization personnel. The benefits of being able to carry on with core business activities while delegating the aspects of managing computing resources to either the cloud platform or managed service providers cannot be understated.

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The pandemic has brought home the importance of cloud computing – not just to large corporations, or small and medium enterprises, but for every kind of business. Cloud computing has kept the wheels of commerce moving even during the heights of the pandemic – enabling so many people to move more or less seamlessly from office work to working from home, providing the infrastructure for a remote workforce. Cloud Platformation envisages the cloud as a supplier of microservices, services that can be bundled together to provide application capabilities. It is about platform engineering using Sonata’s expertise on cloud platforms as a base.

What does Cloud Platformation at Sonata involve?

Here at Sonata, we have partnerships with the major cloud providers – Amazon’s AWS, Google’s Google Cloud, and Microsoft’s Azure. It’s one of our fastest growing areas.

Here, you will work on complex engineering problems that can provide real world business benefits. You will have to visualize complex systems, architect and design them, implement complex migration and provide support, based on your aptitudes and interest.

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What kind of cloud work does Sonata do?

As a long-term partner with Microsoft, at Sonata we do a lot of work on Azure. Arc, Azure Kubernetes Services, Synapse – you name it, we’re probably working in it. But that doesn’t mean we’re a single cloud company. We do work on Google and AWS as well, and we are always on the look out for people with experience as well as talented freshers who are interested in a cloud computing career.

As most people will tell you, midsize companies are the best places to learn. Here you can stand out if you’re good at what you do. Here, you don’t have to be pigeonholed into one category or job description. Here, you can follow your heart.