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The path-breaking companies of today – and tomorrow – have one distinct trait.They think and act like digital natives, regardless of industry. Technology has become a treadmill, and companies need to keep their systems evolving, just to stay in place. And those that build their systems around platforms, around services and microservices that represent real-life flows that connect suppliers and consumers, whether within the organization or without, derive a competitive edge that’s technology agnostic. Sonata’s proprietary PlatformationTM approach helps companies build systems that are open, connected, intelligent and scalable, bringing together diverse aspects – data and AI, cloud computing and CRM, digital assurance and managed services – to give our clients that edge.

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Find your role at one of India’s biggest value creators

Be a part of one of India’s software companies – but one which has been growing like a startup over the past few years. Be a part of a company where you can shape the future – ours and yours. If you are interested in consulting, in processes and systems, and what makes a business tick, there’s a place for you. If you are into numbers and statistics, p-values and predictive analysis, data mining analytics, there are many things you can do for us. And if you love programming, love the idea of making applications and even networks dance to your tune with a few lines of code, you belong here.

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In 2015, the United Nations announced the creation of 17 Sustainable Development Goals - a set of 17 interlinked objectives designed to be a " blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all". The goals were classified in 17 categories – from eradicating poverty and hunger to strong institutions and the utilization of partnerships. At Sonata, we would like to a make difference, not just to our customers and employees, but to the community and world we live in. And as part of this, we work with NGOs that do sterling service in the areas of health and well-being (Goal #3), education (Goal #4), gender equality (Goal #5), as well as those working for decent work (Goal #8), climate action (Goal #13) and strong institutions (Goal #17). We are all members of the global family, and it is our duty to do our part.

Sonata Life A People Platform

There is purpose in being good at what you do. There is purpose in being a good son or daughter, a good parent or sibling. There is purpose in friendship and camaraderie. There is purpose in being a valued member of the community. There is purpose in enjoying art and literature, in sports and movies. Purpose gives depth to life

At Sonata, we understand that people find purpose in many places. And we celebrate your purpose, as we celebrate ours.

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Sonata and the Community

As part of our corporate social responsibilities, Sonata has worked with underserved communities all over India. From setting up e-commerce portals to help traditional artisans of Madhya Pradesh sell their wares to supporting schools in buffer zones with technology, or supporting programmes that empower women in Telengana, or providing scholarships for students in Karnataka’s Gadag district, Sonata has tried to be a responsible corporate member of society, making a difference to people all around the country.