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What is Data Platformation?

Data has been the driver of computing in general, starting from the earliest examples of using machines for number-crunching when Herman Hollerith used punch cards and a counting machine in the 1890 US Census. Since then, data has become the lifeblood of organizations, with increasingly sophisticated models and tools evolving in the past century.

The management, organization, and query capability of large volumes of data provide a range of benefits: high-powered recommendation engines; analytics-based healthcare treatment programs; supply chain management, and many others.

Data Platformation has three elements – data, platforms, and people. Organizations deal with data from a variety of sources. Each touchpoint – within and without – generates information. But due to historical reasons, management decisions and organizational evolution, this data often ends up siloed.

Breaking up these siloes, or providing efficient movement of information in-between these siloes is where platforms come in. Making sense of data that may come in different forms and structures, stored in different locations, on multiple media, requires intelligent platforms that provide the services required to make sense of this data and extract actionable insights

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Where do you come in?

“Providing actionable insights from data” is far easier said than done.It requires a wide range of skills: the understanding of core business processes and flows; clear understanding of data and application architectures; hard tech aspects of programing; and the ability to identify and apply the appropriate technology for the customer instead of falling for the latest big thing.

And here is where we can work together.

Why Sonata?

Sonata has been in the data business for a long time. Our association with data goes back to the late 80s, when were helping organizations with Foxbase, one of the earliest database management systems. Since then we have helped hundreds of organizations through several generations and evolutions of data management: warehouses and lakes; on-premise and cloud.

It's a great time to be part of Sonata’s story. The company is entering a high growth phase, and our biggest strength is our flexibility. There's a story about when Don Bradman met Sunil Gavaskar. Bradman told Sunny "The big blokes have the strength, but we have the footwork".

That applies to us as well.