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Vertically Integrated Agri Business

Commodity buyers need excellent understanding and the interconnected nature of the global economy. Conditions in commodity markets can change rapidly. Traders & sourcing specialists needs to be alert to many micro and macro factors. The physical supply chain is the key in the commodity trading business, and they need a holistic platform that can handle this complexity with an integrated view of all the data.

Commodity traders and sourcing specialists provide the vital support for the global need in a complex value chain. Some of the nuances which are specific to sourcing and trading of Agri commodities compared to any other raw materials are:

  • Managing the high-volume contracts and the risk involved in it go hand in hand
  • Quality is critical in matching position, managing the value of trades and meeting the quality needs of manufactures and traders alike
  • Logistics is critical for trading organizations to manage delivery and movements of high volumes of commodities. Visibility and streamlined processes support logistics operations
  • Food Processors, Farmers Cooperatives, Biomass, Scrap Metal and other manufacturers use traded commodities in their manufacturing or value-added processing operations. They need to plan deliveries and allocate to sites aligned to the demand generated from production plans. Optimizing the formulation process at least cost and high quality becomes critical especially for animal feed producers
  • Farmers co-operatives need to manage the growers. Market commodity on grower's behalf to increase market share for better price is their key focus while providing storage facilities, managing invoices and provide growers with all contract related information

Sonata Software, a world class Platformation™ Company helps vertically integrated Agri businesses achieve platform-based business transformation.  Successful born digital companies use business platforms as key to grow their business to achieve double digit growth and tremendous success in the marketplace. However, we have seen many find it challenging to create and deploy Platforms. Sonata’s Platformation™ methodology simplifies the outcome.  Platformation™ is Sonata’s unique approach for building platform-based business models to achieve Digital Transformation.

Sonata's offerings

Retail Platforms


Sonata's industry-ready Commodity Trading and Risk Management  platform and partner solutions from Microsoft help vertically integrated Agri business to create value faster through industry reputed scalable platforms

Retail Framework


Platformation™, Sonata's unique approach, helps vertically integrated Agri businesses to build open, connected, scalable and intelligent systems accelerating their digital transformation initiatives

Retail Services


Design, develop and implement solutions tailored to the unique needs of vertically integrated Agri Businesses leveraging our experience gained through helping a variety of Agri Manufacturers & Traders over two decades

industry segments

Our focus is on vertically integrated Agribusinesses that rely on commodities as part of their supply chain but each market segments has its specific nuances that need to be addressed. Our solutions are customized to cater to the key drivers of each of the below industry segments,

Animal Feed Producers vertical-bar

Animal Feed Producers

End to end business platform incorporating trading for commodity procurement, integrated manufacturing, supply chain and finance

Support for cost allocation decisions to optimize profitability

Manage positions, forward contracts and inventory holdings efficiently with a real time visibility on contracts and positions

Farmers Co-operatives vertical-bar

Farmers Co-operatives

Manage supply and sell-side grower relationships

End to end business platform incorporating commodity trading, integrated retail, supply chain manufacturing and finance

Apps for growers  with all contract related information and retail capabilities to farmers & B2B customers

Food Processors vertical-bar

Food Processors

One integrated system for commodity-based food manufacturers from procurement to manufacturing to distribution and sales

Integrated Planning, forecasting and scheduling of raw material deliveries to match production/processing requirements

End to end supply chain visibility -Procurement to Consumption

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Our industry-ready platforms help retailers across segments implement new-age digital retail solutions in a shorter time while also laying a foundation for faster innovation of business models.

Commodity CTRM vertical-bar

Commodity Trading Risk Management

Single Integrated Platform Combining Powerful Contract, Logistics, and Risk Management Capabilities


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