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Platform Engineering Services

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Modern, digitally empowered businesses have been successful in rapid disruption and value creation, through platforms. Global enterprises ensure competitive advantage, enduring customer relations and revenue growth, need to embark on digital business transformation initiatives. They need to create new digital businesses or transform existing ones to platform-based business models. McKinsey in its February article titled `The Platform Play: How to Operate like a Tech Company’, explains this concept articulately, “Becoming a platform-based company is ultimately a question of mind-set. It requires both the determination to stay the course and the flexibility to change and adjust based on what platform teams learn. By committing to this approach, IT can stop slowing down change and start accelerating it”.

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platform engineering solutions for ISVs vertical-bar


Sonata's Platform Engineering, based on Platformation, helps ISVs to build new ISV platforms for digital enterprises

Modernize legacy ISV into future-ready platforms, and provide nextgen global support services for modern platforms

Sonata's Platform Engineering helps an enterprise to build modern digital infrastructure

Our platform engineering blueprint, solution, assets have enabled customers to reach their destination in this journey

Sonata's platform engineering methodology helps the "platform companies" create or modernize their existing platforms

Helps create platforms are open, scalable, connected and intelligent