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Azure Infra Services

Sonata Azure Infra Services 

Maintain consistency and reduce your on-premises data centre maintenance, discover your business goals, and improve your infrastructure and capacity by moving to the Azure Cloud. We enable you to innovate on your terms with highly secure, accessible, and scalable cloud services. Modernize your servers and data centre environments while migrating to the cloud and scale up your IT resources as per demand and increase the resilience of your underlying infrastructure with assessment, migration, and modernization services.

The Sonata Cloud Adoption Blueprint is compatible with the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF). Sonata is a Gold Certified Partner in 18 categories and an Advanced Specialization Partner in 9 others.

Sonata's exclusive Cloud Adoption Blueprint, in conjunction with PlatformationTM aligned Platform Engineering Blueprint, offers a comprehensive approach to modern platform conceptualization, development, and operations.

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Microsoft RecognitionsCAF partner, global CSP, Azure migration and modernization partner, Solution Assessment partner, Global Support partner, ISV DevCenter partner, Inner circle partner

30+ Years of Microsoft Partnership

Solution Accelerators & Industry PlatformsIndustry Platforms for execution excellence

Deep Full Stack ExpertiseAzure O365 & D365

Azure Infrastructure Services

Assessment Services

Leverage Sonata's Cloud Adoption Framework for cloud transformation needs, which adheres to the PlatformationTM tenets of scalable, open, connected, and intelligent. The service includes an assessment of the existing environment, analysis, strategizing, and planning for cloud-based data centre modernization. Optimize IT costs and efficiencies with a comprehensive cloud architecture that provides choice and flexibility, boosts scalability and performance as your footprint grows, and aids in the maintenance and continuity of your organization.

Assessment services are divided into three stages:

  • Planning
  • Data Gathering and Analysis
  • Implementation

Azure data offerings assessment

azure data deeper insights

Azure Infrastructure Services

Modernization and Cloud Migration

Organizations are seeking innovative ways to use data using AI and ML to stay competitive and go beyond the obvious. Sonata's expertise in advanced analytics helps organizations create dashboards and reports, BI analytical reports, predict and forecast using regression and simulation, and also deep learning, neural networks, and decision trees. We leverage AI and ML to use data and help your business achieve enormous growth and integrate them with Azure platform

Azure data migration

Azure Infrastructure Services

Managed Services

Maintain consistency during the transition to cloud across different environments. Sonata ensures complete security and compliance to protect your workloads from any threat on Azure. Connect your cloud and on-premises infrastructure securely using Sonata's CAPSS framework. Deploy data centre resources, transfer data, databases, and applications to the Azure cloud, and guarantee that the modern data centre is fully operational and optimized.

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