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Digital Consulting services

Sonata Digital Consulting Services

Cloud adoption for realizing digital vision is no longer moot. Rather, how to realize the digital vision in a frictionless, risk-free, connected, and cost-effective manner has become crucial. Companies are finding ways to connect various pieces of the digital puzzles to attain the desired ecosystem. There are still challenges of conviction, clarity, and certainty how the business objectives connect with cloud strategy.

Sonata helps realize better cloud ROI, with its structured 7-step PlatformationTM approach, of crafting a cloud strategy, reimagining cloud enterprise architecture and drafting a value realizable incremental roadmap to ensure clarity and certainty for your cloud roadmap. The cloud strategy connects business objectives and vision into value-accretive program, initiatives leading to meaningful activities. We help our clients with full stack of services of conceptualizing cloud vision, realizing the cloud plan with a customer-centric COE enabled by technology, realized with digital talent.

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Microsoft RecognitionsCAF partner, global CSP, Azure migration and modernization partner, Solution Assessment partner, Global Support partner, ISV DevCenter partner, Inner circle partner

30+ Years of Microsoft Partnership

Solution Accelerators & Industry PlatformsIndustry Platforms for execution excellence

Deep Full Stack ExpertiseAzure O365 & D365

Azure data offerings assessment

Azure Consulting Services

Platform Consulting

Convert your digital strategy into value-creation initiatives for a variety of stakeholders. Use Sonata's PlatformationTM to define digital themes and identify and prioritize platforms. We drive business growth by bringing together the capabilities required to assist enterprises to thrive in the digital age.

Use the power of PlatformationTM approach to

  • Modernize IT landscape
  • Capitalize on new technologies to create agile faster to market capabilities
  • Optimize and automate IT operations to create amazing digital experiences

Azure Consulting Services

Cloud Assessment Services

Today's enterprises are befuddled by a slew of questions concerning the profitable adoption and implementation of cloud computing. Selecting the right cloud for your business needs, calculating costs and ROI, and managing and administering your cloud portfolio are some of the pressing issues that businesses face each day. And a better way to answer these questions is to connect business objectives and various stakeholder expectations to realize digital with a well-architected cloud adoption strategy. Our cloud assessment services help customers at various points in the lifecycle and with varying workloads. We assist in bringing clarity and purpose to your cloud journey with our lighting suite of services.

  • Decide cloud right for you or not - Azure foundations
  • Decide how cloud migration can create flexible business-ready IT - data and infrastructure migration
  • Decide how modern application can make your customer experience application and database modernization, with advanced analytics and reporting

Create cloud plans that are tailored to your specific digital workload portfolio and move your business to the cloud with 6R steps as a part of our digital platform strategy. We do a detailed assessment for migration, modernization, and operation and a complete execution plan with a sequence of deliverables.

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