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Leveraging Microsoft CoPilot for Dynamics Modernization


Leveraging Microsoft CoPilot for Dynamics Modernization

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CoPilot in ERP has us super excited!

Microsoft announced the Dynamics 365 Copilot, the world’s first AI copilot natively built-in to Dynamics 365 Business applications for all business applications of Sales, Service, Marketing, and Supply chain and we are super excited!! 

At Sonata Software, and the Dynamics Modernization services, we offer “Modernization” and as a team hyper-focused on offering meaningful modernization or transformative roadmaps to customers, our approach has always been to achieve our desired goal through:


Step one towards Modernization: Start with Platformation™ or Platform Modernization

Most Enterprises now embrace the need to modernize into data-driven businesses, fortified with digital and cloud capabilities. The first step is enterprise-wide transformation from on-premise systems to cloud-first Microsoft Dynamics 365 business applications. 

With Sonata’s proprietary Platformation ™ framework and industry Marchitecture, we design a cloud-based platform on Dynamics 365 and its Business Applications to serve as a foundation for digital business processes. 

This ensures that technology implementation remains focused and underscores the importance of a top-down approach to an organization’s Generative AI strategy

We work with our customers to tailor the modernization and migration strategy with purpose-built tools for automation and acceleration of the journey.


Role of Generative AI or Copilot in Modernization 

The top three reasons for our excitement are: 

  1. In recent years, all businesses across all industries discovered that their current technologies are ill-equipped for disruptions, constraints, and shortages. Learning how to use and leverage data for Intelligent decision-making can help mitigate many of these disruptions.
  2. Economic pressures are driving enterprises to minimize costs as they transition from traditional to more innovative operations. AI provides options to automate business processes to save both time and money. 
  3. And most importantly, Copilot is redefining productivity, efficiency, and collaboration across business workflows. 


Step two towards Modernization: Generative AI adding to Modernization efforts.

Those leveraging Microsoft Cloud and Dynamics 365 are now best positioned to take advantage of these AI advancements. We are super excited to add new vistas or ideas for automation, surface valuable business data, and deliver business insights. 

  • A robust, AI-driven, automation-first platform for managing hybrid cloud workloads will help modernize and accelerate the hybrid cloud transformation and journey for clients. 
  • Microsoft Copilot ideas for Business Impact. For example, with the new Copilot capabilities for Microsoft Supply Chain Center, available to Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management customers, one can better predict and act on disruptions that occur across suppliers, weather, and geographies. Similarly, predictive insights surfaced as inputs to smart decision-making can make an impact on all facets of the Supply Chain
  • Modernizing manufacturing operations in the cloud to boost efficiency, lower costs and increase security - Copilot can certainly improve with increased automation. 
  • Transforming retail experiences for consumers with AI and data-driven insights
  • Reinventing financial services through cloud capabilities and co-innovation
  • Advancing sustainability progress across transportation and energy industries with data and automation 
  • Empowering professional service companies with cutting-edge data and generative AI solutions


How Sonata is offering to simplify Modernization

We at Sonata are looking to Modernize with generative AI technologies to meet business imperatives responsibly, and securely to empower organizations with the next best actions across the entire customer journey!
The top three imperatives are:

  1. Data management and security which are vital to customers, making it important to build foundations with responsible AI.
  2. Infusing generative AI solutions for all business units, across process areas, to assist employees automate, and focus on the most meaningful parts of their jobs. 
  3. Insights by employees - this approach will help organizations leverage generative AI as an accelerant to transformation.

We run Modernization and Migration assessments designed to: 

  • Define the “Modern” digital processes for the Enterprise by mapping to standard in Dynamics 365 and its Business Applications, areas of automation, and digitization by leveraging technologies like Power Platform and edge scenarios for generative AI or Copilot. 
  • Define the technology Platform on Azure, Dynamics 365 Business Applications, Integrations, and the modern data platform. 
  • Understand the business value, expected outcomes, and ROI. 
  • Tailored strategy and path - key for accelerated moves to cloud and Dynamics 365 


AIM for the future with Microsoft!

So, today, we’re also announcing AIM (Accelerate, Innovate, Move), a brand-new program that offers a tailored path for our customers to move from on-premises to cloud-first Microsoft Dynamics 365 business applications.

Get started today with AIM and future-proof your business. Reach us via Microsoft’s AIM (Accelerate, Innovate, Move) program and ask for the Sonata team.



You unlock the true potential of Microsoft 365 and its business application through Sonata’s proprietary Platformation™ approach, unique modernization capability, and ecosystem alignment. An Inner Circle partner over the years, Sonata brings a strong track record and full-stack capability globally. Our deep understanding of the Microsoft Business Applications Full Stack, assets, and tools helps clients get the best out of Dynamics. 

As a leading Modernization specialist, we offer a free 3-week Dynamics Modernization Assessment in collaboration with Microsoft to provide customers with comprehensive recommendations for modernizing Dynamics 365 and its business applications on the cloud.