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HLS for pharmacies

Pharmacy Systems

Sonata helps pharmacies to enhance patient care and optimize their operations. We build systems that provide comprehensive patient medication profiles, automatic drug interaction checks, and real-time prescription tracking.

We also provide advanced decision support, clinical verification, and order management capabilities to help pharmacists ensure accuracy and improve patient safety.



Sonata has helped pharmacies to streamline their operations and improve patient care, providing solutions that automate medication dispensing and provide real-time inventory management and tracking.

We have helped automate packaging and labeling capabilities to help pharmacies manage high volumes of prescriptions accurately and efficiently.

Sonata's Storage and Retrieval solutions are designed to provide pharmacies with fast and easy access to their medications, while also improving inventory management and reducing errors.

Pharmacy Management System

Sonata's Pharmacy Management solutions provides pharmacies with a complete solution for managing their operations. The system includes capabilities for managing medication dispensing, inventory management, order processing, and billing. The system also has advanced features for managing pharmacist workflows, compliance, and reporting.


Investigative Services

Sonata's Investigative Services help pharmacies to detect and prevent fraudulent activities. We build in advanced analytics and monitoring capabilities to identify patterns and anomalies in pharmacy data. Our customers have access to real-time alerts and notifications to help them respond quickly to potential issues. We ensure that support for investigations, audits, and reporting to regulatory agencies are an integral part of our solutions.