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Azure Data Services

Sonata Azure Data Services to Drive Digital Transformation

Transformation targets vary, but they all begin with data. Businesses can access and use their data in new ways as they transition to the cloud. The Sonata PlatformationTM approach enables businesses to achieve their digital transformation goals by providing a complete evaluation of their data strategy, moving data to the cloud, establishing modern data platforms, and offering deep insights to meet all their needs.

Sonata's Azure data services Gold competency enables businesses to meet their data-driven digital transformation goals by leveraging best-in-class solutions such as Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Lake, Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Bricks, Azure Machine Learning, and PowerBI. Sonata has a large number of Azure certified resources who can supply Azure-based solutions using Sonata's Digital delivery architecture.

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Azure data offerings assessment

Azure Data Services

Data Assessment

For companies seeking a data-driven digital transformation and to learn how data can benefit them, our assessment offering is a one-stop solution. Sonata conducts a detailed assessment to help you understand the need for data strategy, data-related services, cost, architecture, tools, and technology while keeping the timeline and future vision in mind using Azure tools for data & analytics. We use our unique "PIVOT" methodology, which helps in developing modernization strategies, detailed architectures, and roadmaps for implementations with specific timelines.

Azure Data Services

Data Migration

Businesses are moving their data to the cloud to avoid any loss and the on-premises data can also be accessed. Leverage Sonata's expertise and experience with data migration services to Azure data platform to meet your digital transformation goals. Our services are suited to your needs and include data warehouse migration to Synapse Analytics, refactoring integration, visualization modernization using PowerBI, data platform security, privacy, and governance, as well as future planning. Sonata's strategic planning and proprietary methodologies, such as "Crème" assist you in migrating, transforming, and achieving operational and productivity efficiency at an optimized cost.

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Azure data modern platforms

Azure Data Services

Modern Data Platforms

Businesses are now confronted with a huge amount of data. A modern data platform assists in the formation of a single source of truth for all data, and meets organizational standards such as reporting and dashboard requirements. Sonata can help you build a modern cloud data platform that meets all of your needs, from building dashboards to offering deeper insights using a range of tools from Azure like Azure Data Lake, Synapse Analytics, Data factory, Azure Data Bricks, PowerBI and Azure Machine Learning.

Our 18-point data characteristic framework ensures that a modern data platform is agile, flexible, and future-ready, with advanced analytics and AI-ML capabilities to meet any data and reporting needs. Sonata also uses its family of ‘Swift’ tools for accelerating the data integration/pipeline aspects of the data platform.

azure data deeper insights

Azure Data Services

Deeper Insights

Organizations are seeking innovative ways to use data using AI and ML to stay competitive and go beyond the obvious. Sonata's expertise in advanced analytics helps organizations create dashboards and reports, BI analytical reports, predict and forecast using regression and simulation, and also deep learning, neural networks, and decision trees. We leverage AI and ML to use data and help your business achieve enormous growth and integrate them with Azure platform.

Azure Data Services

Analytics for Dynamics customers

Sonata helps you to utilize the full potential of Dynamics to get valuable and meaningful insights, right from developing reports to building data platforms to bring data and other applications together. We use journey maps and architecture for Dynamics users to help you achieve your goals and organizational needs using a range of tools from Azure including Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Lake and PowerBI.

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