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RPA in Day – 3 Step Process


RPA in Day – 3 Step Process

  • Discovery Step - Sonata would work with customer to identify the right process (use case) for RPA automation, ascertain the suitability for RPA and highlight the benefits RPA can provide
  • Engineering of Bot - Sonata would work with customer in demonstrating the engineering the Bot. During this exercise customer would be made aware of basics of RPA and aspects pertaining to developing an end-end flow of identified use case using Power Automate. Depending on the use case the below aspects would be demonstrated
    • Setting up basic workflow, different types of flows and approval
    • Demonstration of Integration using API Connectors
    • Document Extraction using AI Builder (depending on the use case)
    • Demonstration of Data Entry into a web application/client server using Power Automate Desktop (Win automation)
    • Demonstration of Data Storage using Common Data Services/ Data Verse
    • Demo of business rules/decision making by the Bot
  • Demo of the Bot and Next Steps - This would involve demonstration of the automated process and brain storm on the next steps for automation journey for the organization

Assumptions / Pre-Requisites

  • We would have initial discussions to present our Point of View and agree on the area where we need to spend time for ideating on the relevant use case (Customer Service, Finance, Support, HR, etc)
  • Availability of key Business Process Owner/Sponsor from the relevant business unit to ideate the relevant use cases and to help  prioritize during the workshop
  • For the finalized/identified use case, we would need to scope the current As-is business process with corresponding business rule. Having relevant documents pertaining to the business process such as SOP or User Manual during the workshop  would help in engineering the same
  • Sample documents and Environments (Test/Dev) related to the use case need to be present for the identified use case
  • User access to be provided to environment(s) and integrating applications related to the use case (can be temp account) 
  • Assume the required tools/licenses are made available (depending on the technology of preference)
  • We would need test data (1-2 documents or test scenarios) to validate the working of Bot after the engineering

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